Software development is a flow of inter-related tasks and behaviors that interact in a more or less structured manner. By using well-proven ideas from lean manufacturing, this workshop presents theory and practice that successfully applies to software development.

Benefits of using Lean practices

  • Learn what you must measure and how metrics can improve performance,
  • Bring people and processes together and empower people to provoke improvements by themselves,
  • Lean how to get an accurate understanding of the project by looking at the big picture,
  • Learn how you can not only survive a world of unexpected but influence it by driving the change,
  • Get a totally new understanding of speed! Discover how to implement discipline of people and processes,
  • Achieve greater quality of your deliverables and projects.

What is Lean?

“Lean software development is a translation of lean manufacturing and lean IT principles and practices to the software development domain. Adapted from the Toyota Production System, a pro-lean subculture is emerging from within the Agile community.” (Wikipedia)

Why picking us?

  • Learn from a trainer who is a real practitioner
  • Benefit from a vast experience (4 years and 2000+ people trained)
  • Get support after the course to implement the theory
  • Global presence: we are where you are!


  • Introduction to lean and agile
  • Lean beyond agile
  • Lean principles
  • Deliver value to your customers
  • How to manage waste
  • Speeding up the work
  • People and teams management
  • Creating and managing knowledge
  • Achieving quality in software development
  • Partner with everybody
  • Next steps in implementing Lean